The Changemakers of Hollywood

The Changemakers of Hollywood

Sundance is a special place for women directors, where filmmakers from around the world compete for top honors to the thousands who attend.

Even today, Hollywood has been a male-dominated industry where just 4.2% of the top 100 grossing films have been directed by Women.

Sundance is different. In 2019, 42% of the films were directed by women and 53% of the films in the U.S. Dramatic Films were directed by women.

The Sundance Festival is committed to women and equality for all and we're there to interview the changemakers who are breaking through Hollywood's glass ceiling.

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The Changemakers of Hollywood
  • Rosanna Arquette and How to Heal from Trauma

    Award-winning actress and activist Rosanna Arquette speaks about the trauma of sexual assault and bullying and how to heal from it.

    Ms. Arquette opens up about her experience with media mogul Harvey Weinstein in the documentary, "Untouchable".

    Weinstein was a sexual predator who assaulted the...

  • Ursula MacFarlane tells the story of Harvey Weinstein in "Untouchable"

    Director Ursula McFarlane tells the inside story of the meteoric rise and monstrous fall of movie titan Harvey Weinstein. 'Untouchable' reveals how Weinstein acquired and deployed his formidable power to abuse women over the course of decades.

    Ursula Macfarlane is a UK-based filmmaker whose can...

  • Jordan Peale Tells the Story of Domestic Violence in the Docuseries "Lorena"

    Jordan Peele financed the 4 part docuseries, "Lorena" (available on Amazon Prime) which tells the story of what happened to Lorena Bobbitt in 1993 after she sliced off her husband's penis after years of marital rape and domestic violence.

    After the Sundance Film Festival launch, a news report ...

  • Joshua Rofe and Jordan Peele, Producers of "Lorena."

    Jordan Peele and Joshua Rofe co-produced the docuseries “Lorena” about Lorena Bobbitt’s domestic abuse story. Rofe’s deep interest in trauma and its victims combines with the notion that society usually responds to trauma victims without empathy or nuance led to producing the docuseries during th...

  • Lorena Bobbitt, Domestic Violence Survivor and Women's Rights Activist

    Twenty-five years after her long traumatic experience as a domestic violence victim, Lorena Bobbitt shares her story in “Lorena.” She hopes it will encourage millions of women dealing with domestic violence to seek help.

    Lorena points out that gaps in the laws exist and that Congress should emp...

  • Lorena Bobbitt on Empowering Survivors of Domestic Violence

    Lorena Bobbitt, now Lorena Gallo, is part of the #MeToo movement. As a victim of domestic violence and her response to it, she states we still need to empower the victims. Tightening the laws to protect women is one important step. Ms.Gallo also favors moving select domestic violence cases from f...

  • Director Sacha Polak of "Dirty God" on Living a Life With Scars

    We live in a visual world where physical appearance is everything. Prejudice about what we consider ugly abounds.

    Yet, many of us live with physical scars, sometimes so obvious that others notice and judge them right away. How do we deal with this? Can we reclaim our lives? How do we heal?


  • Alma Har'el Message to People Hiring Women

    Short and to the point, Alma Har'el unmasks a practice that has taken hold in the name of progress; instead of hiring women, they are being sent to shadow men. Har'el says women are ready and the practice is uncalled for.

  • Film Director Irene Taylor Brodsky and Living with Deafness

    Irene Taylor Brodsky is an Academy Award-nominated, Peabody Award-winning, and Emmy-winning filmmaker who produced the documentary about her own life, "Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements."

    Brodsky’s son Jonas began losing his hearing as a baby and underwent cochlear-implant surgery as...

  • Dr. Ken Rosenberg - Advocate for the Mentally Ill

    Over 15 million Americans live with mental illness. Often the mentally ill have nowhere to go but the streets and the jails. Instead of jail beds and the kindness of strangers, the mentally ill need care and treatments.

    That is what Dr. Ken Rosenberg and Peter Miller want to effect. It is why t...

  • Patrisse Cullors, Founder of Black Lives Matter, Focuses on the Mentally Ill

    For the last decade, Patrisse Cullors has committed her life to advocate for the mentally ill. She is both a community organizer and one of the founder s of Black Lives Matter.

    The PBS documentary, 'Bedlam', is about the national mental health crisis; perhaps better stated as America’s mental i...

  • Actor Kendrick Sampson Stands Up for the Mentally Ill

    As the Brother of Patrisse Cullors, founder of Black Lives Matter, Kendrick and his sister grew up with a brother with a serious mental illness. Instead of being treated with dignity, their brother was attacked by the police and incarcerated instead of getting the mental health services he needed...

  • Director Liza Mandelup of "Jawline" Brings Us Inside Social Media Stardom

    In 2018 Mandelup received the Sundance Documentary Fund grant for 'Jawline' and was featured on Filmmaker magazine's 2017 list of "25 New Faces of Independent Film".

    Her film, "Jawline", takes us into the live-broadcast world, a post-millennial digital phenomenon that lets streamers engage with...

  • Actress Laura San Giacomo's Devotion to Changing our Dialogue about Disability

    Most people know actress Laura San Giacomo and BAFTA Award and two-time Golden Globe Award nominee best for her roles in "Pretty Woman", "Sex, Lies and Videotapes" and TV roles. That San Giacomo has a son with cerebral palsy is less well known.

    This conversation about raising a disabled son in ...

  • Actor AnneMarie Lawless Talks about How Lobotomies Silenced Women in the 50s

    If you were a woman who was depressed, highly emotional or had more serious mental problems, the common solution was a lobotomy, a surgical procedure where 2-8cm steel spikes attached to a wooden handle were inserted into the brain and moved from side to side to cut the connections between the fr...